heading back down the mountain
Brooke riding down
Willie goes clipless
Willie goes clipless 2
Willie goes clipless 3
Willie goes clipless 4
Martin Iroz
Scotti on the top
Julia riding up the lower loop
Willie nearing the top
Brooke, Kirk and I, I am the tall one.
Kirk and I taking a look at the trail
Taniel on the Lower loop
Julia, Eric, and Scotti
Scotti on the lower trail
   The new Winnemucca Mountain trail, starts above Sage heights (near the dog pound). you can take a mile loop, a 3.5 mile loop, or go 6 miles to the summit of the mountain, the views from there are amazing. 
  If you dont feel like climbing all that way you can also get a ride to the top and ride down.
 A good place to park is at the Sage heights pool or Veterans Park.  The road behind the houses leads you directly to the trail head.