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                        TIRE REPAIR

Winnemucca is home to some nasty goatheads that will make  your tires flat quick.
  Vacant lots, alleys, sides of the roads are all home to these stickers that grow on a creeping vine, fall is worst because that is when they get hard and fall off the vine.


If you get a goathead, pull it out and spin the tire, you will see lime green SLIME coming out of the hole, and it should seal up. If it does not seal up right away, put the hole on the bottom and bounce the tire up and down a few times, this usually works. You will probably have to top the tire pressure back off after this.

For extra protection we install:


The tubes are 5 times thicker, and then we also pad that with an extra liner, if you get a sticker in your tire, pull it out asap, and it will most likely never make it all the way through, if one does, the Slime will take over.


 Solid rubber tires do not ride as good and they steer slow, but they never go flat regardless of how many stickers you have in them. If you are interested in getting solid rubber tires, bring down the wheels or bike and we will make sure they fit properly.